Throughout my career as a professional rugby player I have watched friends of mine finish their own careers early because of injury, medical complications, contract terminations, as well as finishing because of retirement itself. I have then seen those men struggle to find the next path in life and fall into mental, monetary and self-esteem issues.

I have also seen young players with lots of promise fall short of the mark in the professional game, to then be cast out into the big wide world with no other passion but rugby. They set no post project up during their career, meaning they had nothing to fall back on. I myself have set up a project called The R3cusants to ensure I was covered from this point of view.

This project has prepared me for life after rugby and given me the most valuable richness I have ever felt, purpose!

I now want to share this richness and so for that reason, I am offering the services of a project team that I cultivated during the development of The R3cusants to my fellow athletes so they can be prepared too.

This mission is called, PROJECT PURPOSE!


If you are a professional sportsman looking to create a viable and purposeful online business for the future, then my team is now available to YOU. The future of business itself is being built around online content, and to get in on the action we will work with you through the following stages:


The future of business is online content. The number one career choice for the generations growing up now is to become a YouTuber or TikToker.

Our world is being built around online platforms and so your next purpose must be built around one too! We offer 4 models of platform creation and monetisation for you to choose from:

  • 02SOCIAL

My team of creatives, designers, developers, illustrators, animators, editors, sound engineers, trademark lawyers and social media experts will give you the model, tools and training you need, to proceed with the next phase of your life once the curtain on your career comes down, for whatever reason that may be.

Leave it too late, and you might just seal your fate with the elephants graveyard. So let us help you to transition into the next stage of your career after professional sport, because no man gets left behind. Just fill out the contact form below, and one of the PROJECT PURPOSE team will get back to you asap.

Good luck!

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